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Cobalt Remote

Cobalt Remote connects the car to the Cloud and vice versa. It provides enhanced passenger safety, customer service and vehicle efficiency scenarios via secure remote operator access to vehicle screens, systems and telematics

Cobalt Remote – Vehicle control for helpdesk

Highly secure, reliable, continual and bi-directional connection between vehicles and the Cloud. Remote access to vehicle IVI systems, digital instrument clusters, on-board diagnostics and telemetry data continues to present opportunities to improve driver safety & vehicle efficiency.


Cobalt Remote has many features, here are some of the major benefits.


Helpdesk & concierge services direct from the dash.

Field usage

Use of mission critical systems whilst in the field from the IVI.

Total connection

Driverless, remote control of vehicle for harsh or hazardous environments

Fleet Services

Fleet management services.


Predictive and pre-emptive vehicle maintenance.


Firmware over the air (FOTA) updates.


Tech Spec

Encrypted connections

Enterprise-grade end-to-end AES encrypted connections between a vehicle and cloud-connected systems.

Remote access

Utilises the latest dedicated communication protocol for secure, high-performance, real-time, bi-directional remote access and control.

Cloud infrastructure

Highly scalable carrier-grade cloud infrastructure which can be managed by VNC Automotive or hosted within your own organisation.

Full customisation

Flexible and extensible to allow full customisation and control of branding.

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